Welcome to myTutoring!

myTutoring is a simple yet powerful platform to launch your online tutoring services. 


myTutoring provides everything you need to start teaching online - branding, own logo, identity, smart scheduling, browser based audio video collaboration, whiteboard tools, tutor landing page, seamless payments processing, admin dashboard and more. 

Let's get started!

After creating your account, login to your site with the email that you have used while signing up. 

As a Institute or multiple tutor organization you can add tutors, connect and conduct online tutoring classes for students from all over the world. Prerequisite for that is to setup your website

Step 1: Setup your website

Changing website settings is important because, it will help you to personalize the website as per your business requirements. We recommend you to enter all the relevant information, soon after starting your website. 

Step 2: Add Your Tutors

Tutors can create their profile through the sign-up process. However, adding a tutor profile from the admin portal is beneficial when you are inviting a tutor on your platform. 

Step 3: Approve the tutor profile

By default the tutor profile approval setting will be as manual and hence you have to approve a tutor profile after every update you make every time

Refer the following links for help:

Step 4: Add your students

In order to schedule a session, you need to have at least one student account in your platform. You can either market your website and invite students to signup in your platform or add them manually.

Step 5: Schedule sessions

You can either create a session from your tutor's calendar or book a session from a student's login. Once you have students to book, they can start booking from your approved tutor's calendar at this stage.

Step 6: Virtual Classroom

You can now join the scheduled session and explore the virtual classroom. 

You are now Ready to get started as an Institute!