Scheduling can be done from you calendar where you can either schedule a single day or a recurring days session with one or more students to be invited.

You need to have your profile completed before scheduling a session.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Go to your Calendar

Navigate to Dashboard from the header menu

Step 2: Select session time and date

Click and drag on the desired time slot on the calendar.

This will open the create session form with the selected session time and date

Step 3: Mention a Topic

Type the session topic you are planning to teach in particular

Step 4: Single date or Recurring date

For a Single day session, you can leave the start date and end date as it is.

Step 5: Start time

If your selected time is your desired start time, you can leave as it is

Step 6: Duration

You can edit the duration if you want, or leave it as it is

Step 7: Select Subjects

This will show the dropdown of subjects added in your profile

Select your desired subject to teach

Step 8: Invite Students for 1-on-1 of group session

Click on the Invite Students text field 

Type the email address of the student you want to invite

Select the student email address shown in autocomplete suggestion below

Add more if you want to create a group session

Step 9: Price and Currency

Price would be showing automatically calculate price according to the time slot you selected in calendar initially, based on the price you have mentioned per hour in your profile.

Similarly, Currency will reflect what you have mentioned in your profile.

However, you can edit the price, if you want to change it for this session you are creating

Step 10: Tutoring Method

Click on the Tutoring method to choose Online or In-person

Step 11: Click Create

You have successfully scheduled a session as a Tutor!