Adding all Tutor Details is the most important step to market yourself to the potential students and their parents. 

1. Mention a Profile Headline that will make you a standout 

2. Mention few lines in About Me that best describes about your tutoring experience.

Write a professional personal statement, which sets out your experience and teaching style. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to potential students and to let them know why you would be the perfect tutor for them 

3. Mention the Languages you Speak and press enter to add new language

4. Mention your rate per hour in Tutoring Rate, a value equal to zero or greater than 1 dollar

5. Choose your Currency for the tutoring rate

6. Choose Years of Tutoring Experience you have

7. Whether you prefer Online or In-person tutoring. 

If you choose In-person, a textbox will appear


Be Specific to mention your in-person availability, because the availability you mention in the calendar does not have option to differentiate when you can be available for in-person

 8. Click Save & Continue