Once a student launch and attend a session with tutor he / she can give review for a tutor.

This article will tell you, how to write review of a tutor and approve it.

 In the review, a student can write about his or her experience with that particular tutor and give ratings. Reviews are very important for the tutor, other students and parents. For the tutor it is a feedback of his or her tutoring ability, for other students and parents, it is a peer review using which they can make up their mind.

  • First, you have to login in the online tutoring website with your student credentials. 

  • Now go to the tutor's profile and scroll down to write a review. 

  • Here you need to give rating and write your review. Once done, click on post review.

  • First, you need to click on User, and then on reviews.

  • Here in pending tab you can see reviews given to tutors by student. You can either approve or delete this reviews. 

  • After approving reviews will move to approved tab. from here also you can delete reviews. 

  • Once you approve the reviews, they will instantly reflected in the tutor's profile.

A student can book session or enroll to course with the tutor if his or her review is good.

You can watch this YouTube explainer video on how to personalise your website settings

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