This article will tell you how a tutor can check his or her tutor earnings in the tutoring website. Once a student books a paid session with you or enrols in one of your online courses in the website, you will get all the transaction details in your tutor account in the website.

  • To check the earnings, first you have to login in the website as a tutor.

  • Then click on dollar symbol which is next to your profile picture and on earnings.

  • Here you can see all your earnings.


  • By selecting from and to date, you can see the earnings between the days. 

  • If you want, you can also search the payment done by a particular student. 

  • The tutor earnings are credited in the respective tutors’ bank accounts by the website’s owner. In certain cases, myTutoring transfers tutoring earnings directly to tutors, but that too only after website owner's explicit confirmation.

You can watch the same in this YouTube explainer video

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