Once the tutor has created his or her profile from the website, it has to be approved by the website administrator and make it public. 

Once the profile has been approved and made public, students can see that tutor profile on the website and book sessions. Also the tutor can create online courses.

  • First, you need to click on User, and then on Registration. 

  • Now select tutor option and click on All. Now select the tutor name whose profile is to be approved.

  • You should check all the profile details, if tutor profile is not 100% complete, then you can send the mail by selecting what needs to be completed and click on mail tutor.

  • Kindly make sure, that the tutor's email id and phone number are verified. If you want you can also verify tutor's email id and phone number.

  • Before approving a tutor, website administrator should check the prerequisites for being a tutor.

  • In take action section, we have given five different options. Here is explanation of each of them.
    • Approve - To approve a tutor profile for tutoring on the platform. Now the tutor profile has been approved and made public. 
    • Internal - Company employees who have created tutor profile for testing purposes, but they will never teach. 
    • Pending - When tutor profile is not complete
    • Do not disturb - An indicator for the support or calling staff to not message or call this tutor
    • Deactivate - Temporarily disable the tutor profile

  • If you want to permanently delete a tutor profile, you have to select delete button. once you have deleted a tutor profile, he or she has to create the profile again in order to come on the platform.

Now I will tell you about other features in this page. 

  • In the same page, you will also find a feature of log comments. Here you can add notes for future reference.

  • Whatever comments you add in log comments and action you do will be added in admin log.

  • In the availability tab you get to see the tutor availability. If you want to book a one-to-one session on behalf of a student, you can do it by clicking on time slot.

  • In reviews, once a student gives a review for the tutor, you can see those review message.

  • You can send a personalized mail from send personalized email.

  • In some of our templates, you can showcase certain tutor profiles on the website landing page.  To show a tutor profile on the landing page, you have to select landing page checkbox.


  • In the same page, you will find demo URL. The tutor can use this URL to test how whiteboard works and get comfortable with it before actual tutoring session.

  • In student's message one can see chat happened between tutor and students. 

You can watch this YouTube explainer video of how to create tutor profile from admin portal

Once the website administrator has approved your tutor profile, you can create your first online course. Here is process of  How to create an online course.

After approval a tutor can also upload documents to media library. Here is process of   How to upload file in media library.

If you are facing any issues or need clarification on any point, feel free to raise a support ticket. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.