Before creating a course a tutor profile has to be approved. Click here on How to approve a tutor profile?

A course is combination of multiple sessions, where multiple students can study from one tutor at a time. By creating a course a tutor can either tutor multiple students at the same time, or create a self learning course, in which students will be learning on their own and tutor will conduct sessions only once in a while for doubt clearing. A course can be created by either the tutor or the website administrator.

Here is the process to create course by tutor from the website:

  • To create a course as a tutor, first, you have to log in on the website with your tutor login credentials.

  • Now click on your profile picture and select create course option.

  • In this page if you want to create a course which is similar to your last course what you have created, then select recreate your course from an existing course or else click on create a new course option.

  • In this page fill all the required details like course title, subtitle, description of course, and subject. If you want to add tags you can do it here. Tags are the keywords to search the course. Adding tags will make the course easily searchable in search engines. Once you have entered everything, click on next.

  • In the next page, add curriculum details, like what will student learn from the course. For example, in module 1, student will learn A, B, and C. In module 2, student will learn D, E and F. If you want to add more topics, you can click on add topic. Once you have entered everything, click on next.

  • In this page, select the start and end date and the days, time and duration. Click on next

  • Now, add the number of student, you want to allow in the course and amount you want to charge for the course. Click on next

  • Finally, check all the course details and click on Launch. 

  • Now your course has been created. Once the website administrator approves and makes it public, students will be able to enrol in the course.

Here is the process to create a course by website administrator from the admin portal:

  • To create course as admin, first you have to log in on your admin portal.

  • Then click on session and on create course.

  • Now add the tutor mail id for whom you want to create the course.

  • Now follow the same process as mentioned earlier, to create the course.

Once the course has been created, it has to be approved by the website admin for the students to enrol in it. Click here on how to approve a course

You can watch this YouTube explainer video on how to create course

If you are facing any issues or need clarification on any point, feel free to raise a support ticket. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.