A tutor can register in the online tutoring website through either of two ways - either through the website sign up or through admin portal. Click here for check how to register as a tutor through the website sign up

Tutors can create their profile through the sign-up process. However, adding a tutor profile from the admin portal is beneficial when you are inviting a tutor on your platform.

Here is the complete process of how to add tutor from the admin portal

  • To add a tutor on the website as an administrator, first, you have to login in the admin portal.

  • Click on users, and then on add users.

  • In the new page, select tutor radio button, fill all the required fields. Click the checkbox to make email verified. Once done, click on sign up button.

  • Now you have added a tutor on the website. After this, you can share email ID and password with the tutor and ask him or her to update the profile.

After adding the tutor profile, the admin will also have to approve the profile and make it public. Here is the complete process of how to approve the tutor profile

You can watch this YouTube explainer video of how to create tutor profile from admin portal 

If you are facing any issues or need clarification on any point, feel free to raise a support ticket. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.